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Erick Mussa says, "Education is better than all those cows. The big reason why I joined the OOC was education which I didn't have, while I wanted it, and I had no one to support me. And I got the education including English language from Zenan."

Success Stories from Our Children


The focused efforts of the Olasiti Orphans Center and our supporters are producing real and tangible results.   These children don't want to be beggars; they want to be respected, productive citizens. With your support, they are succeeding.

Kassimu's Story

We share Kassimu's story with a heavy heart as he passed this year. Our hearts are broken but are inspired by him. He had a big heart and his spirit & smile brightened our lives.

My name is Kassimu. I'm fourteen years old.  I live with my grandmother and my older sister.  Both my parents are dead.  Grandma Bibi isn't very healthy because she has diabetes.  She wants me to get a job like my sister.  I worked for a family last year, but they never paid me, so I quit.  Now I go to school.  My friend Zenan gave me a school uniform and told me to study hard.  I want to finish first and second grade in one year.  
Ten years later, Kassimu completed school and worked for a safari company.

Housemother Extraordinaire

Zenan's mother, Theresea, works hard to ensure the safety, health and happiness of the children.  You will find her gardening, cleaning, cooking and reading with the children. And, you will always find her smiling! This gentle, kind and loving soul provides the sense of belonging and caring that the children need.  Success starts here... 

Amiri's Story

Without mother and father, Silas Siraji Bakari became reponsible for his younger brother Amiri. Siraji worked so Amiri could go to school. Ten years later, Amiri is a success. "OOC has raised me up until today. I’m sure and proud to say my education is the only tool to get me out of poverty." On the right, Amiri is graduating from Nangwa Vocational Secondary School.

James's Story

James Saitoti, after completing secondary school, 
attended Sila Vocational School.  He successfully graduated 
and has become a licensed tour guide. He built a house, got married, and has one child.

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