How to donate


With all the poverty in the world, what difference will you make?

Your generosity will make a big difference in the life of one child. 

You are important to him or her.

Select this link and be directed to the Dorobo Fund donation page.
  • IMPORTANT!   Designate your donation  with the Dorobo Fund.  In completing the online form on the site, you will be asked to note a "Project Area." Select "Olasiti Children's Foundation (OCF)."  OR you do not see this option, select "Other"  and type in "Olasiti Children's Foundation (OCF)"  in the next field to clarify. The Dorobo Fund supports many great efforts and this how your donation will go to the correct fund. 

  • The lower credit card processing fee means more of your donation will reach the children (and not banks!)

  • Do you want to budget your contributions into smaller monthly donations?  Ask about recurring donations.

Pay by check is back!

To pay by check visit the Dorobo Fund website or click on the following link: "Pay by Check" for details.

The Pay by Check section includes a link to complete an online form. Please take this step to ensure your payment is correctly tracked. For project area, select "Other" and specify Olasiti Children's Foundation (OCF). 

New! Donate via credit card payments on the Dorobo Fund website ( and make sure to designate "Olasiti Children's Foundation (OCF)." 

With Love and Gratitude,

Zenan and Team

You make the life-changing difference:
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