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Our Scholarship Program


The Olasiti Orphans Center is providing a meal and after-school tutoring for primary and secondary students, as well as health education for teens and adults.   All students receive educational support for shoes, uniforms, and supplies such as pens and notebooks. Secondary students receive scholarships provided by our donors.

Rashidi Juma graduates

Rashidi graduates from Nangwa Vocational Secondary School.  Thanks to generous donations, this eager little boy has become a proud young man who embraces his future. With literacy and skills in construction design, Rashidi is highly employable in this fast-growing area.  Hongera! Congratulations, Rashidi!

Girl Power

Orphan girls are particularly vulnerable to limited opportunities and even exploitation. According to UNICEF, only 30% of African girls attend secondary school. When a girl is educated, she is less likely to marry early. Instead, she can break the cycle of poverty and realize new opportunities. When she does marry, an educated mother has healthier, better educated children.  Educate a girl and you help her whole village. You also change the future.

Selemani (now Sulley)

The reality is that not all students succeed quickly.  Selemani has lived with Zenan for many years and has benefitted greatly from his mentorship and being a part of OOC. This young man is loving and kind and values the opportunities he has been given. His sponsor understands his struggles. "I'm very sorry mam becoz I didn't got a chance to go A-level coz I have got division IV. I am very sorry for that bad result. I want to clear my certificate in order to get the chance of going advance on coming year of 2015."


Also called Upendo ("Beloved"), Teresea has been attending primary school and now secondary school in Olasiti. The second photo shows Teresea with her classmates Christina and Elizabeth.  These bright young ladies enjoy a future full of choices. This is rare for girls in Tanzania, where secondary school is not free, and the cost is beyond most families. "Asante sana!" (Thank you very much) to our donors.

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