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Annual Report 2022

December 13, 2022


Dear Friends, Caregivers, Partners and Donors, 

We thank the Almighty GOD for all of our blessings. 


We are very sad to see in news media the massive loss of life during Russia’s Ukraine war. We are seeing the destruction of infrastructure, increased air and environmental pollution, increased social problems and economic problems worldwide. Developing countries like ours are vulnerable. The consequences of war affect the world and the poorest countries greatly suffer. We are happy that Tanzania is a peaceful country. We do experience climate change consequences that increase poverty. Land use conflicts are becoming more common in most regions between farmers and herders or conservation authorities and pastoralists.

To date, the Olasiti Children’s Foundation programs are running well with moderate adjustment.

Our vision and mission is to promote education, health and sustainable life skills to underprivileged orphans, and vulnerable children in Arusha.

Thank you so much for helping us in 2022. Without you, our project to save children could not happen or become well implemented. We are hopeful you can keep supporting us. We invite you to visit Tanzania to meet friendly people, magnificent landscapes, and wildlife for business and leisure holidays.

Stay blessed!

Zenan Gasper, Director

Olasiti Children’s Foundation {OCF} provides social services including meals, medical services, education, and sustainable life skills to orphans and vulnerable children. We serve children between ages 3-18+ based on intake and program support. Our oldest student is 22 years old and he plans to graduate from the University of Dodoma with a bachelor's degree in statistics. The youngest is four years old and is enjoying our baby class in the orphanage.

Youth supported by OCF donations in 2022:

  • Sixty-three (63) preschoolers     

  • Thirty-six (36) primary school students with thirty attending a private english medium school and six attending government public school.

  • Six (6) secondary school students including four (4) in boarding school.

  • Three (3) higher education students 

  • One (1) post-graduate who has become a super-entrepreneur with a registered business enterprise. 

OCF is led by a management team and student leaders who work together to ensure the success of day-to-day activities at OCF. There are three (3) teachers, two (2) matrons, and one gardener in 2022. What we do:

  • Support children's learning for pre-school and primary school

  • Pay school expenses for primary and secondary school

  • Teach sustainable life skills

  • Manage health trainings, and medical support

  • Provide dormitory facilities for 30 children

  • Feed after school lunch for 64 children per day and 34 with full meals

  • Arrange, conduct and manage educational field trips as part of sustainable life skills training.

Special Thanks to FOTO [Friends of Tanzanian Orphans] friends, neighbors and caregivers who have supported us in any way. 

Wishing you, in advance, a happy new year. 

Asante! Thank you!

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