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Changing Lives

Scholarships have opened new doors to a better future.  For $45 a year, you can sponsor a child's school uniform and supplies in primary school.   $250 pays for a year of secondary school, trade school, a secretarial course, or a tailoring course.


The orphans' community garden provides food and work for those without land.  The flock of chickens is growing, providing much-needed protein.

Friends of Tanzanian Orphans are a group of volunteers who support the Olasiti Orphans Center (OOC) by raising funds and providing organizational support for

the OOC staff. The Dorobo Fund for Tanzania, a 501c3 nonprofit, receives donations for the OOC and Ujamaa Community Resource Trust, a Tanzanian community-based organization registered in Tanzania manages the funds locally.

Since 2005, we have reached our objectives of providing a meal each day to drop-in children, establishing a community garden as a source of food, providing education for orphans, and starting sustainable small-scale businesses. Starting from Zenan's porch, we now have constructed a building with bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and classroom.

The Olasiti Orphans Center is providing a meal and after-school tutoring for primary and secondary students, as well as health education for teens and adults. All students receive educational support for shoes, uniforms, and supplies such as pens and notebooks. Secondary students receive scholarships provided by our donors.

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